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Informal Resume of Mark Dalrymple
1239 State Route 356. Leechburg, PA 15656

I'm a computer geek looking for opportunities to learn new stuff and work with smart people.

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Badgertronics / Borkware
Nuclear Medicine
Web Site Development
Technical Details

Professional Experience (most recent first)

The view through a view camera

2001-present Integrated Badgertronics / Borkware

Integrated Badgertronics is my personal website. Borkware is my Macintosh OS X software development identity.

November 2001 - present

Monument Valley

1999-2001 arsDigita

arsDigita specialized in database-backed web sites and collaborative/community web applications. We did much of the low-level technological work, such as web hosting, db design and administration for high-volume web sites.

March 1999 - November 2001

down a woodland stream

1995-1999 - America Online

AOLserver (February 1997-February 1999)

AOLserver is America Online's web server software, which lies behind websites such as,,,, as well as many large sites on the net such as AOLserver handles tens of thousands of hits per second at AOL.

AOLserver was originally NaviServer, a product of NaviSoft), and was acquired by AOL. When the California development office was shut down only one of the NaviServer staff came to the East coast, so a new team was formed to maintain and extend the software

I was the technical lead for AOLserver after it was moved to the East coast and handled all of the day-to-day details of support, development, and maintenance (with emphasis on the support and maintenance). I shepheared AOLserver from release 2.1 through 2.3.3.




IP Tools Development (November 1995-February 1997)

IP Tools is a team that produces Macintosh and PC tools for AOL Information Providers to create and upload their content onto the AOL service.

Tools Development

I was chief architect for the Macintosh Rainman tool. Rainman is AOL's proprietary templating-based publishing system. At the time, the only interface to Rainman was via emailing text scripts to a robot process and monitoring return email. The Rainman tool provided a visual interface to this publishing process.

Macintosh 3.0 Client

The IP Tools Macintosh team (3 programmers) was loaned to the Macintosh 3.0 client team for a number of months to help them meet an impending release deadline.

February - April 1996

Chris Stohl
falling from Mitchell's Mesa, Monument Valley

1990-1995 - Visix Software, Reston, VA


Galaxy is a large-scale development environment that is portable to numerous platforms, including unix, Macintosh, MS Windows, and VMS.

Quality Assurance

June 1995 - November 1995

Galaxy/DB Spectrum

Galaxy/DB Spectrum is an add-on product to Galaxy that provides portable database connectivity and a report generation system.

January - February 1995

Galaxy Developer's Conference

The Galaxy Developer's Conference is an annual 3-day conference for Galaxy users where Visix personnel lecture on Galaxy programming techniques.

September 1994, 95

Galaxy Explorations

Galaxy Explorations is a quarterly newsletter for Galaxy customers, featuring technical and marketing articles.

Fall 1993 - 1995

Galaxy Help System

The Galaxy Help System is a pair of applications (a help source compiler and a help browser similar to QuickView) in addition to Galaxy library support for on-line help.

February - November 1994

Trade Shows and Demos

Authored demo software used in the trade show booth as well as in sales seminars and presentations.

April 1993 - May 1995


I was the first Visix consultant.

December 1992 - March 1993 at JP Morgan, Wall Street

List Manager

The Galaxy list manager is a trio of objects in the Galaxy library. One, the list, is a dynamic 2-dimensional table data structure of arbitrary size and customizable data representation. The second is the list selection, which implements a logical set of list cells that are selected. The third, the list view, is a scrolling table displaying the data contained in a list. The listview supports varying row heights/column widths, row/column rearranging, as well as providing complete control over cell drawing and selection logic.

June 1991 - 1995

Looking Glass

Looking Glass is a unix application that presents a graphical view to the file system in a manner similar to the Mac Finder. The windowing system independence of the Looking Glass support library was the genesis of Galaxy. Looking Glass eventually became the first version of Caldera's Linux desktop manager.

Looking Glass 3.0 sound

Looking Glass 3.0 includes sound effects for different user interface actions.


Looking Glass Maintenance and Support

June 1990 - 1992

Arkansas's Nuclear One

1987-88 John L. McClellan VA Hospital (Little Rock, AR)

Department of Nuclear Medicine

Volunteer work over summer and winter breaks during college.

Web Site Development

In addition to the web sites mentioned above, I have worked on these personal projects.

Technical Details

Computer Languages

Unix Experience

Have been programming unix boxes since 1990

Database Experience

Have been using Oracle since version 8.0.5

Macintosh Experience

Have been programming the Mac off and on since the TML Pascal days (1985) Macintosh training and conferences:

Miscellaneous Notes


B.A. Mathematics with Computer Emphasis
Hendrix College, Conway, AR

References available on request.

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