911 - World Trade Crater

September 11, 2001
About 6 hours ago, an airplane was piloted into one tower of the World Trade Center in New York. Shortly after that, another plane collided with the other tower. Shortly after that, yet another plane flew into the Pentagon. Shortly after that, a plane crashed about 60 miles from here near Somerset, PA.

Here at Castle Badgertronics, we don't have our TV hooked up to the outside world. Our dear friends Kebbin-n-Deb invited us to use their teevee to witness the thing first hand (they were out being gainfully employed as we invaded their home).

I feel sorry for the poor WTC. I did several sales calls there back in the early 90's for Visix (including up on the 90th floor. The view was amazing, and the floor swayed). I was also in New York when The Bomb went off, living in a hotel next door. I witnessed how that clogged up the area for weeks. I can't imagine now what it must be like with the material used to create those two 110 floor towers littering the streets.

Conspiracy Theories

My first reaction upon seeing and hearing all of the stuff was "I wonder how big business / military industrial complex / George Dubya / anti-freedom and anti-privacy groups will take advantage of this" Will we wage war upon those we've been wanting to wage war against, not actually the once who organized the attack? Like FDR is thought to have known that Pearl Harbor was going to happen but allowed it to happen any (to incite the American public into joining the conflict), did Dubya (or someone smarter than him) know this was coming so they could start their own agenda? What restrictions on our personal liberties will be submit ourselves to in order to be Safe from Terrorism. For instance, will we willingly submit to face-recognition systems in public places that are "looking out for terrorists", which most likely won't be removed once the Immediate Threat is over. Who knows, maybe martial law will be imposed.

My brother and sister in law are Marines. My wife and many of my close friends are former military and are still of service age. A very talented young friend of mine is going into the Air Force, and I know some musicians in the field bands. The thought of these people important to me possibly being sacrificed on such an alter is an unpleasant thought.

Impressive Logistics

My second reaction was being impressed at the organization of the responsible organization. Simultaneously hijacking 4 commercial jets, crashing them them into 3 of their targets in a short period of time, taking (apparently) the intelligence and military communities by surprise. I believe the fourth plane was headed to Camp David / Frederick MD (big communications center) / Fort Dietrich (Army germ warfare lab)

There's been some speculation about a possible biological component. Maybe these planes were carrying Anthrax Leprosy Mu or something. One interesting piece of information was a 911 call that reached Greensburg, PA from someone in a hijacked plane. He was calling from the rear of the plane. Heard an explosion, saw white smoke, then the line went dead. Twenty to Thirty minutes later the plane went down. One idea is that the Bad Guys didn't want any annoying people bothering them, so they set off some Agent (nerve gas perhaps) to get them out of the way.


You can bet just about every organization or nutcase with an axe to grind will claim responsibility. The knee-jerk reactions of most Americans will probably be someone in the Middle East (maybe that Llama Ben-Sodden guy) I'm sure all sorts of violence and abuse will be heaped upon middle eastern students and visitors (and upon those who look middle eastern) The Japanese Red Army has also claimed responsibility (which brings up interesting parallels with the kamakazis) At least we know that they have 4 fewer pilots now.

I've been pondering on the date September 11, 9/11, wondering if there was some Significance to that date. Maybe there was some American Aggression back-when that someone took umbrage to. This is around the time that the Camp David accords which built the peace between Israel and Egypt happened (at Camp David, one of the possible targets), which seems to point back to the Middle Eastern element.

American Media Sucks

We only had access to the local stations (no CNN), and I must say I'm apppalled (with three p's!), especially with the local stations. Every time someone on the major networks would say something interesting (such as a mid-east terrorism expert), the locals would cut in with earth shattering news like "we're evacuating a tall building in Pittsburgh!" or "Mount Neebo Elementary school is closing early!" Similarly, when there was a "guest expert" (such as a long-time pilot) who was conveying interesting information, he was usually cut short for some "live in the field" commentary by a journalist, which was usually just a rehash of what was restated ten minutes prior.

There was also some footage (which looked like it was staged) of youth in Palestine celebrating the destruction in New York. Needless to say the networks were playing those clips often. An enraged public helps drive the ratings up.

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