Winter Wonderland, 2002

Early January 2002 brought us a nice wet snowstorm, perfect for making snow people. We got about 6-8" inches over a 24 hour period. We went out in the afternoon / evening to make some snow people. Here are the pictures taken the next day.

Home Sweet Home.
Here is Sharlotte's member of the USMC (United Snow Man Corps). Alas it got splattered with road junk over night.
Another view of the Snow Marine.
Here is my snow person. I originally wanted to do a Calvin & Hobbes two headed Snow Goon. Unfortunately it looked kind of dumb. But turning them into eye-pods (iPods?) turned out rather nicely.
Backview of the snow people.
A view of the pagoda in the back yard.
Close up of the garden and the pagoda.
Snowy trees.
More Snowy trees.
Yet More Snowy trees.
Even More Snowy trees.
Yeet Even More Snowy trees.

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