CVS Keywords

a part of MarkD's Guide to CVS
CVS Keywords are dollar-sign delimited strings that CVS interprets and automatically expands. This is generally Good Behavior for text files (like html files or C source code), but is really Bad News for binary files which might happen to have a keyword coincidentally embedded in the data.

To work around that, you can add a binary file to the repository with:

% cvs add -kb filename
or you can change it after-the-fact with:
% cvs admin -kb filename
Anyway, on with the keywords.

Keyword Explanation
$Author: $ The user responsible for a change.

$Author: markd $

$Date: $ Date and time of the change, in GMT.

$Date: 1999/12/23 21:59:22 $

$Header: $ A collection of information: full path to the RCS file, revision number, date/time of last change (GMT), author, state, and locker. (lockers are a rare occurance in CVS)

$Header: /cvsweb/cvs-guide/keyword.html,v 1.3 1999/12/23 21:59:22 markd Exp $

$Id: $ Like $Header: $, but without the path to the RCS file.

$Id: keyword.html,v 1.3 1999/12/23 21:59:22 markd Exp $

$Log: $ Inserts the cvs log message. This behaves differently than other tags in that it just inserts new information after the keyword. It doesn't replace the keyword or modify existing text.

$Log: keyword.html,v $
Revision 1.3 1999/12/23 21:59:22 markd
dummy change to bump up revision.

Revision 1.2 1999/12/23 21:59:15 markd
dummy change to bump up revision.

Revision 1.1 1999/12/23 21:58:35 markd
initial revision

$Locker: $ The user who has a lock on this revision (usually nobody)

$Locker: markd $

$Name: $ If a sticky tag is in effect, this is the name of that tag. Otherwise blank.

$Name: guide_release_1 $

$RCSfile: $ Name of the RCS file in the repository

$RCSfile: keyword.html,v $

$Revision: $ Revision number

$Revision: 1.3 $

$Source: $ Full path to the RCS ",v" file in the repository

$Source: /cvsweb/cvs-guide/keyword.html,v $

$State: $ State of this revision.

$State: Exp $
(this file was cvs admin -kb'd, so it doesn't show the cvs $Id: $ line)