MarkD's Checklist

Rather than check schlock into ACS and get reamed, here's a checklist to use as a guide.
set_form_variables is done first
use ad_admin_context_bar on admin pages
use ad_redirect_for_registration when neeeded
make sure pages conform to ACS style guidelines in the developer's guide
make sure there are no common errors
always use ad_context_ws_or_index outside of admin pages
for pages that change db or will end up changing the db, make sure there's an [ad_read_only_p] check
$QQvariables used for strings
There are integretiy constraints (not null columns, etc)
There are indices
Appropriate Profiling has been done
Use lame "smush to left" indenting style
Things defining a group are first in the select list, and properties of that group follow