The Kitchen

Our wonderful kitchen

The new fancy faucet

More Fancy Fauceting

The new counter, including Badger window sticker.

Newton was helping.

Obligatory cat-related fridge poetry.

Time to Feed Vaal.

The fancy control panel.

Newton is still helping.

More countertop.

Ahhh! Utensils!!

The fancy stove (that we've had awhile) - note little warming oven on the left, and flammable materials on top. =:-O

Microwave home and random storage. Plus bananananas.

It's so cute!

Fancy arty shots.

The Breadbox Looms.

Still life with banana and orange, with shark. This is my Delta.

More Art.

Sharks and Cows, living together.

More stuff.

Our watch bunny.

Caution: attack cat on duty.