Christmas 2006 With the Cats

This is with the new camera - pictures were taken in horrible light, and no modifications whatsoever afterwards.

Newton eating ribbon.

Newton eating more ribbon.

Newton eating ribbon, discretely.

Vikki supervising.

Oooh! Bag!

Newton contemplating eating ribbon.

Vikki inspecting the packages.

You can't see me. I'm hiding.

Vikki poised for action.

Newton eating more ribbon.

Surely my head can fit into here.

Newton eating more, well, you get the idea.

Face-off over the squeaking mouse.

I Am Ignoring You.

Trying to not play with the mouse.

Pooped Vikki.

I look stunning in colors.

blah blah ribbon eating blah blah.

That looks like fun. My turn!

Newton likes bags.

Really likes bags.


Drug bag bliss.

Follow your drug bag bliss.

This is my mouse.

More drug baggae.

Meditating cow ignoring the drug bagging.

(now that's some extreme meditation)

(back in my bag. I'm not here)

So what's your point, lady?

I'm so cute.

No really. I'm cute!

Hmmm, I wonder if there's anything in that bag.

I better check.

Nope! Nobody here!

This ribbon might be too big to eat.

Meeting of the minds.

Still mediating, even when faced with Giant Cat Butt.

I too look stunning in colors.


I am just stunning.

Stunning with the drug bag.