The Farm In Winter

part of Moving to PA
We had a nice snow in early January of 2000, so we took a walk around the farm with the digi-camera.
View down the road entering the farm
A frozen Frog Pond that's between the Little Farmhouse and the Big Farmhouse.
Back of the barn
View from the back-40. You can see the barn roof, and the Little Farmhouse to its left.
More barn, with assorted Junk.
Other side of the barn (with the new boards that the Amish replaced), and the little MilkHouse to the left. That's Sharlotte in the door.
Yet Another Barn Picture
Back of the Little Farm House (where Sharlotte grew up). The Frozen Frog Pond is to the house's left, and the Big Farm House is to the left of that (just not in this picture)
Sharlotte (with the purple skullcap) behind the barn. The Little Farm House in the background with the Frozen Frog Poind right next to it (actually in this picture)
View from a hill.
Salvaged slate roof tiles from the barn roof.
more roof tiles
Metal storage shed that was attacked by a tornado. (really!)
The Old Farm House, built in the late 1800's.