SharBork's new digs in PA

part of Moving to PA
It looks like Sharlotte & I will be moving to western PA sometime in the near future so we can be near The Farm and Sharlotte's Gramma. The 1870's house on The Farm is currently in 30 years of disrepair, so it will be awhile before we can live there. So we found a place within a couple of miles where we can set up a homebase from which to do farm maintenance and fix up the old farmhouse.

This place, which is located near West Leechburg, PA, is just off of Route 356. Built in the late 40's, it's a nice little house on about an acre and a half of land, three bedrooms, two small baths, and 5 garages.

Yep, five garages. Did I mention the original builder was a car collector? Our plan is to turn the top two garages into a small store-front for The Queen Stitch, workspace for a framing shop, and perhaps eventually running an e-business out of the home (and there may be enough room to put in a shooting range too)

Here's a brief photo-tour of the exterior of the place. The smaller pictures are links to larger pictures which will open in another window. All photos by Sharlotte DeVere.

The front doorway. The whole house is brick (none of this Northern-Virginia nonsense of brick on the front and vinyl siding around the rest). There's a small planter box on the right of the picture that's in front of the den/study window.

Unfortunately, the Garden Gnome didn't convey :-(

The front of the house. There's another garage and a half off to the right. Off to the left is a screened-in porch. The tree out front looks a little odd. We think it's due to storm damage. If we open a store-front, we'll probably lose the tree :-( and extend the driveway to make some Shop Parking.
Out back with three garages. (there's one hidden under the back landing). A Day-Care is currently being operated inside the house, hence the collection of MiniCars that aren't in the garages.
Another shot out-back, on the right hand side of the above picture. A nice little path up to the screened-in porch.
A view of the back yard. Some nice big trees, an above-ground swimming pool, and a vegetable garden.
And just when you thought that 5 garages weren't bizarre enough, this place has a Japanese Pagoda thingie out back, complete with a little Picnic Pavilion with a fireplace for cooking.

Post-inspection notes

There are a lot of old-growth oak and walnut trees in the back yard, including one with a swing tied to a _very_ strudy branch that's easily 40 feet up in the air. (The branch, that is. A swing 40 feet up in the air would frighten me). There's also a two-story tree house in another tree.

The house iteself is made of brick over cement block, which means it's practically sound and fire-proof, and can probably withstand a small scale attack.

Other notes

We actually closed on the place on October 12th. What should have been a half-hour no-mortgage closing turned into a 2 to 3 hour ordeal. Most everything was cut-and-dried, but the deed was screwed up by the seller's attourney. After a 3 round-trips of writing, the deed was completed (and accurate), and we could finish up the closing.

New Pictures

This is the treehouse:

This is Daisy the Duck, who conveyed with the property:

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