The Barn!

part of Moving to PA
On The Farm is a Barn that dates from the late 1800's. Unfortunately over the last several decades it has fallen into disrepair. The original slate roof was starting to fall off. There were holes in it. Boards had fallen off the sides. Grass was growing on timbers. It was in pretty Bad Shape.

In December, we engaged some Amish to replace the slate roof with a tin one, salvaging as many of the slate tiles as were possible. Here are some pictures of the completed outside work. Clicking on a picture will open a larger version in another browser window.

Photos and commentary by Sharlotte DeVere.

Barn and small farm house as seen from the former cow pasture. (only former cows live there now)
View of the north side. The hole will be temporarily patched for the winter, and we'll be installing new doors in the spring.
West face. What's with all the light vs dark wood? This side of the barn has received the worst of the weather in the last hundred and twenty years, so we've had to replace a good amount of the wood.
a view of the north and west sides. The milk house (the little white thing with a green roof) got a matching tin roof shortly after this picture was taken.
South face of the barn. It's kind of hard to see, but the holes on this side will be patched also.
Another view of the west end of the barn.
Close up of the north side. A day or so afterwards the ridge cap was installed. The Amish will be taking their ladder (and rope) home. They climed the ladder, pulled themselves up by the rope, and walked on the ridge. They're definitely braver folks than we are!
Yet Another View of the west end of the barn.
An inside shot of the north-west corner of the roof. The little bit with the boards close together is original. The horizontal boards are new, as well as a number of rafters, and The Beam had to be reinforced. This is where they had to do most of the structural work. This photograph is a little grainy since it was digitally enhanced from a dark picture. It's actually dark in there now without all that sunlight streaming through the holes in the roof and walls!
Detail of the beam reinforcement - a new knee-joist (or something like that) at each end.

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