Net.Humor Archive - Canadian Dialects

I recently came across a slip of paper on which I'd written a rather odd sentence. It took me a minute to remember why I'd written it down, but now I'll share the story with you.

While I was finishing my DMA at Michigan State, I made the acquaintance of Daryl Burghardt, bass trombonist extrordinaire, and a fine composer, too. Daryl, a Canadian, was a master of Canadian dialects (yes, there are such things!), his specialty being the rather strange English spoken in Newfoundland. Daryl always said that a favorite expression of the "Newfies," as he called them, could be written out in such a manner that anyone could sound like a native of that region. It's true; just say the following out loud a couple of times to discover a favorite phrase used in that part of the world!

Whale Oil Beef Hooked !

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