MarkD's Music

Here are some recordings featuring me. (ME ME ME ME), in generally reverse chronological order, separated by gigs.
Berceuse and Finale from the Firebird (Stravinski). Performed by the Edgewood Symphony Orchestra, May 2009.

Quintet for Winds (second movement) by Muczynski (Zephyrs)

Quintet for Winds (first movement) by Muczynski (Zephyrs) [they're listed II - I because that's how we played it on a recital, omitting the third movement because of time constraints]

Duet for English Horn and Bassoon by Hovhaness (MarkD on Bassoon, Sharz on English Horn)

Variations on Dona Nobis Pacem by David Fetter, bass trombone arrangement (MarkD on Bassoon)

Concerto for Flute by Vivaldi (Torin Olsen on flute, Sharz on oboe, MarkD on bassoon)

Turkey Dance by Mozart (Torin Olsen on flute, MarkD on bassoon) - it's really the "Rondo ala Turk"

Bye Bye Blues (MarkD on solo bass trombone, Westmoreland Symphonic Winds Jazz band)
No More Blues trombone quartet by Jobim (MarkD on bass trombone), Senior Recital for Jean Swinker. [probably the most difficult piece of music I've ever played on trombone]
What Child is This by LLoyd LLarson (Sharz on oboe, Becky Panzak on piano, MarkD on bassoon).