Making Cybercash work
(Courtesy of Eve)

These are some of the things that need to be done to make cybercash

1. Copy over an mck directory of the right type (there is one for
   Solaris in /home/jsc/mck- on xolas8).

2. Copy over a cybercash module directory (there is one in
   /home/jsc/cybercash, xolas8).

3. Get a merchant_conf file for the proper merchant (there is one for 
   ArsDigita in /home/cybercash/mck-cgi/conf/merchant_conf).

3. Edit the variables at the top of the cybercash module Makefile.

4. type make; copy the resulting to /home/nsadmin/bin

5. add "" to the ns/servername/modules section of
   your server.

Note: I had to also change the merchant_conf directory in
cybercash.c, even though it was defined in the Makefile, otherwise
I got an error in the AOLserver logs.