Chrooting AOLserver on Solaris, without Oracle

* Make an appropriate nsadmin-sitename directory with an AOLserver install

* Since it'll be running with /home/nsadmin-sitename hoisted up as /, you'll
  need to copy some stuff into here so that system calls and shared libraries
  can find their moving parts:

  = mkdir /home/nsadmin-sitename/etc
  = mkdir /home/nsadmin-sitename/dev
  = mkdir /home/nsadmin-sitename/tmp
  = mkdir -p /home/nsadmin-sitename/var/tmp
  = mkdir -p /home/nsadmin-sitename/usr/lib
  = mkdir -p /home/nsadmin-sitename/usr/ucblib

  = copy /etc/passwd to /home/nsadmin-sitename/etc/passwd, and edit it down to
    just nsadmin

  = make an /home/nsadmin-sitename/etc/nsswitch.conf that has in it:
    passwd: files

  = in the /home/nsadmin-sitename/dev directory, do (as root)
      # mknod /home/nsadmin-sitename/dev/zero c 13 12
      # mknod /home/nsadmin-sitename/dev/null c 13 2
   (you may want to ls -l /dev/zero and /dev/null and chase any
    symlinks to see if your system has a different major/minor device
   (the solaris threads library wants /dev/zero, and AOLserver wants

  = cp /etc/lib/ /home/nsadmin-sitename/usr/lib
    (for getpwnam) [a hard link might work for these guys]

  = cp /usr/ucblib/ /home/nsadmin-sitename/usr/ucblib
  = cp /usr/lib/ /home/nsadmin-sitename/usr/lib
    (for nssock)

* Put the stuff you'd ordinarly put in /web into /home/nsadmin-sitename/web,
  and put a symlink to there into /web so that folks can find that directory
  to do site development.
  /home/nsadmin-sitename/web should include parameters, tcl, and www 

* If you need any unix commands (say you're doing an exec ls from Tcl), 
  you'll need to copy those into /home/nsadmin-sitename/usr/bin.

* Edit the sitename.ini:




    ; or wherever the cert/key files are kept

* Run AOLserver with "-R /home/nsadmin-sitename" in addition to other
  parameters.  (you have to run it as root, even if you're just testing
  things on high ports)


Chrooting AOLserver on Solaris, with Oracle

I haven't actually tried this yet, since it looks like it involves
moving all of the oracle stuff under /home/nsadmin-sitename as well.
I'll see if I can get this working on my Linux box before I screw up

* If the Oracle driver needs any shared libs when loading, there should
  be a message in the server.log like this:
  Warning: Load of '/bin/' failed: bin/nsd: 
          fatal: open failed: No such file or directory

  In which case do a find from / looking for, and copy that
  into /home/nsadmin-sitename/usr/lib

* copy all of the oracle jazz from /ora8/* to /home/nsadmin-sitename?


Chrooting AOLserver on HP

* It craps out on startup, saying that 'nsamdin is not a valid user name'.
  This means that there's some moving piece that's not being found.  HP
  doesn't have the nifty 'truss' command to show what system calls are
  being made and what files are being opened, so tracking this one
  down will require a call to HP support, and I want to wait until we need
  to do it on HP before burning the time.