Borklog: One entry

17 February 2007

On May 19, 2006, DougEDoug sent me this rather strange flashimation with a totally infectious tune (danger: contains earworm). I had no idea what it meant - some bug-eyed sucidal chick on a chair twirling some green vegetation, and when you click the pause button, well, what happens to her is what many of us dreams should happen to the teletubbies. Anyway, last night Rzolf sent me LeekSpin, with the same groovy tune. "Where have I heard that before...", and I found DougEDoug's original thing in the BorkLog archives. Looking at page source for leekspin, I saw the name of the flash file was loituma__.swf. I then Yahoo!ed Loituma, and found Wikipedia's page on the leek spin. The tune is a Finnish Folk song, and is available via ITMS (the whole song is fun). I think I must be part Finnish - Sibelius totally rocks, and I still think the Helsinki Complaints Choir song is totally delightful.