Borklog: One entry

3 January 2007

A new camera appeared in the household - a Nikon D200 digital SLR. wonderful, wonderful camera. Ken Rockwell has a D200 review page. Beware that Ken is the Philip Greenspun of the Nikon world. Believe half of what you read, and ignore the parts where he gloats about how rich he is. Here are some cute kitty pictures taken on Christmas. The light was horrible - one incandescent bulb, and some dim gray overcast light from outside. This is all hand-held at 1600 ISO. I've been using Aperture as my sorting and post-processing software (minimal post-processing - I was a slide-film kind of guy in the analog days. I hate darkroom activities), and am loving it. More pictures will be going up at my Picasa Web Album as I get around to posting stuff on line.