Borklog: One entry

13 April 2005

Rzolf is the wisest person I know. From AIM today:
   so i guess i better re-iterate my top 5 things I hate about open
   source anything
   1. gushing about some pile of source code
   2. people who post to the blog/forum with comments like "i would
      LOVE to see this feature. I CAN'T WAIT!" (just add the feature
      yourself, doorknob)
   3. the previous poster who spent 20 minutes writing a blog entry
      about a feature that could be implemented in an hour
   4. weird posts about "what are we going to do to MARKET this?"
      market what? get more people to download? so you have a bigger
      group of people to give you headaches while you make no money?
   5. junior bureaucrats who join in because they want to start forming
      "governance" bodies and other unnecessary time wastes
   and finally
   6. Me aiming a top-5 list when i could be doing something worthwhile