Borklog: One entry

29 October 2004

LJ Person gets visit from secret service after making comments about The President. After the preliminaries is this observation: "What you say on the Internet can affect your real life". I'm shocked and amazed at how many folks don't seem to grasp that idea. If you post on your LJ that you hate your parents and are sleeping around with the local biker gang, your folks have a good chance of finding it. If you're applying for a job, and have a fairly unique name, employers will google for your name. If you have a weblog that says things like "I have an opportunity consulting with a company, but boy are they losers. Hopefully I can hold my nose long enough", don't be surprised if that comes up in the interview. (this actually happened with a friend. Luckily my friends are smart - he was on the interviewing end).