Borklog: One entry

25 October 2004

Found in Zman's World, Mindfulness in Plain English, or, Meditation for Americans. Back in college I did a term in London. A couple of us took an 8-week Budddhist Mediation class, held in one of the grungier parts of the city. It was a three hour session, once a week. First half was on meditation (first the Mindfulness of Breathing, which I still do irregularly today) and the Metta Bhavana, a meditation for developing lovingkindness (a.k.a. "Let's Be Excellent To Each Other, Dude"). The second half was a discussion of Buddhism, usually talking about some Buddhist Number (the seven paths of this, the thirteen things of that, the forty seven marklars, etc). One of our instructors had a delightful Irish accent, talking about the "boooooh-tah". There were a number of really neat people in the class, including a keyboard player who was playing for the London productions of Les Mis.