Borklog: One entry

21 September 2004

SomethingAwful has reviewed Boston and Shaun, a rather incoherent and disturbing web comic. Kind of a cross between a Calvin and Hobbes rip off crossed with NAMBLA and the Furry community. There are some web comics that are much more explicit (such as Ghastly's Ghastly Comic, invovling tentacle monsters, a mature woman trapped in a Chibi body, Freddy the transvestite, Drunk&Bitter Jesus, and much much worse; and Sexy Losers, which has done more for homosexual necrophelia than anyone else on the internet), but those comics seem to be done by relatively normal individuals who go Out There for a really good joke, or for a dead-on parody of some aspect of online or real-world culture. [I happen to enjoy both of those. Definitely not safe for work by any stretch of the imagination]. There are also some webcomics that are just plain incredibly lame, but Boston and Shaun has filled that much needed void in the "I have a fetish involving young boys and dragons, and fattenings, and I want to live it out through my comic" department.