Borklog: One entry

20 September 2004

Even unix is better on a Mac. For a client gig, we've been mandated to use something that's Word compatible for internal documentation. Since we (as the programmers) don't want the Horror that is Office polluting our workflows, OpenOffice has been settled on as the logical choice (it can interchange with the Dark Side, and it's possible to expand the native format into something that can be kept under revision control). I've burned many, many hours trying to get this working on FreeBSD using their ports and packaging system. After many failed attempts, with the ports wanting to go to Japan to download the stuff (!), wanting newer versions of perl and gcc than I have, and generally crapping out with segVs and mysterious pythong errors, I went head and just downloaded the installer for Mac OS X. 155 megs, and an hour of installer griding later, I have a double-clickable version of OpenOffice running under X11 on OS X.