Borklog: One entry

2 July 2004

The community band we play in is doing a concert July third at oh my god they killed KennyWood. We get to ride-all-day fer free (woo!) and then play a concert aroudn 7pm. Most of the Amusement Park "food" I try to avoid, since it's both bad for you, generally disgusting, and hideously overpriced. One thing I do enjoy out there is Dippin Dots, the super-frozen blobs of ice cream. The end-user wins because they are very cold and tasty, and the venu wins because they're also hideously overpriced, and since Dippin Dots are spherical, there is more air per unit-volume than regularly packed ice cream goodness. Not to be outdone by the likes of id and Blizzard, the Dippin Dots folks have their own Interactive Acade Gaming Experience, giving me a good dose of arcade-game zen that I haven't experienced in awhile. Please fogive their horrid abuse of the english language on the front screen.