Borklog: One entry

16 June 2004

Usually I ignore the email alerts I get from JoelOnSoftware, since he is usually a microsoft cheerleader. but his latest missive, How Microsoft Lost the API War is interesting reading. It's interesting seeing the reaction to .NET from the perspective of a software vendor that actually has a product.
It's just Fire and Motion as far as I'm concerned: Microsoft would love for me to stop adding new features to our bug tracking software and content management software and instead waste a few months porting it to another programming environment, something which will not benefit a single customer and therefore will not gain us one additional sale, and therefore which is a complete waste of several months, which is great for Microsoft, because they have content management software and bug tracking software, too, so they'd like nothing better than for me to waste time spinning cycles catching up with the flavor du jour, and then waste another year or two doing an Avalon version, too, while they add features to their own competitive software