Borklog: One entry

6 June 2004

Daring Fireball on "Broken Windows", on why there are no Mac OS X exploits, virus, worms, trojans, adware or spyware. No exploits. Not just not-five-percent of the vast quantity of windows exploits, but none.
let's address that other popular canard of Windows apologia - that on the whole, Windows XP is just as good, if not better, than Mac OS X. OK, fine. XP is as good as OS X; Windows Movie Maker is as good as iMovie; Photoshop Album is better than iPhoto; etc.

But is it fair to judge Mac-v.-Windows under factory-fresh conditions? Wouldn't an accurate comparison be better made a few months down the road - after a nice sampling of the hundreds of new Windows viruses discovered each week get a chance to find a home on the Windows box? In the hands of a typical user, a six-month-old Mac is almost certainly in similar working condition as when it left the store; a six-month-old Windows PC, on the other hand, is likely to be infested with multiple instances of crapware. And if it's not, it's likely because the poor sap who bought it just got done reinstalling from scratch.