Borklog: One entry

13 April 2004

The internet continues to astound and amaze me. You're the man now dog (.com). Apparently this is Art. And apparently this Art has fans that generate similar content. Grand Rapper E-D says " I think these are al qaeda steganography sites.", although Nobody f*cks With The Jesus is spiritually comforting. Text NSFW. This was found from part of a legal brief about the Dustin Diamond domain name dispute. Apparently Dustin is Yet More Art and a parody, but the Fine Actor that as Screech apparently wants his name back. Considering the amazing contributions to society by Max. Goldburg as witnessed by, I believe that he should perservere in his quest to maintain, and should also parody other similar celebrities. who da dog now, man? Oh, and don't miss the interactive flashimation.