Borklog: One entry

30 March 2004

Blah blah Lord of the Rings Movies blah blah blah. One of the really incredible achievements of the movie is the soundtrack. We recently picked up the CDs for the last two movies, and I'm totally blown away by the music. One thing I can't stop listening to is Gollum's Song, which is played over the credits. Just about everything associated with that little creep is amazing (We've been watching the Extended Dance Remix DVD along with the several weeks of Making Of Videos) Anyway, Gollum's Song is on par with Adagio For Strings for putting me into a deep moody funk. If you haven't heard it, there is a Music Video with clips from the movie. Unfortunately the compressor used makes the sound a little tinny and metalic. And there are lyrics if you want to have a sing-a-long.