Borklog: One entry

27 February 2004

One of the things that my sister & I (and now Anne's hubby) do when we visit the folks is to put little signs around, usually poking fun at some piece of artwork in progress, or just generally being strange (like JK's "Don't look in the Cabbage!" on a post-it note on the cabinet door.) One of the things on Mom's fabric pinning board was part of a quilt pattern that looked like a double-headed axe. So of course I remembered the Oh my God! There's an axe in my head! pages, made a little face, and made about 20 post-it notes with different translations, so Mom can mix-and-match as her whim takes her. I'd like to take this time to blow my own horn (virtually, I do enough of that in real life). I'm mentioned on footnote 15, regarding the k:-O emoticon.
We had to make one small change to get the "Oh my God!" element across [since I originally had k:-), but k:-O is the logical evolution], but there's no doubt that Mark's twist on Scott Fahlman's ARPANET invention is absolutely brilliant. This is one of our favorite entries, ever. Bravo.
Yeah, and someone discovered something similar two years before i did, but that's the way things go. Still, having an emoticon on a listing of axe in the head phrases is something to be proud of. Uh, I think. Well, maybe not. Actually, I think I should have k:-O engraved on my tombstone.