Borklog: One entry

19 February 2004

Found on boingboing, Learn Writing with Uncle Jim. A professional fiction writer talks about the writing process.
A note on names. In first drafts I often name my characters for their functions in the plot. The hero's buddy may be named "Buddy," while a minor viewpoint character may be named "Walkon" or "Cannon Fodder." Global Search-and-Destroy with a wordprocessor makes giving them all reasonable names easy in a subsequent draft, and makes keeping them straight easy in an early draft.
Having been doing a lot of nonfiction writing, it's interesting seeing the parallels and differences. From the forum is a link to Turkey City Lexicon, with descriptions for writing errors, like Bathos, Sudden change in level of diction. "The massive hound barked in stentorian voice then made wee-wee on the carpet."