Borklog: One entry

4 January 2004

Dan at Flutterby had a pointer to Spirits In Stone, The new face of African Art, including a large number of Stone Sculptures. The Atlanta airport had (has? I'll know next week) a lot of large modern African stone scupltures in the people-mover area beyond the gestappo security curtain. I spent a pretty fair chunk of time, while waiting of a flight or waiting to be picked up, getting a good close look at the work there. I like modern art, finding things that are more abstract to be much more interesting than things that are more representational, and I found this installation of African stone art to be truly fascinating. The coloring of the stone (which is done with heat, wax, and polish) is extremely rich, and seems to be glowing. Resisting the urge to go into mock art critic mode (the existential representationalism expressed the pigmentform duality between the rough hewn granite texture and polished colored stone underscores the dielectical confusion inherant in the artists symbolism. and sex.), it was just plain cool.