Borklog: One entry

3 January 2004

We went and saw Return o' The King yesterday with Redtoade and The Vessel. Everyone in the theater was very well behaved. Except for the pair right behind me. Some incredibly overweight guy (didn't have enough hair to have a mullet) and an incredibly emaciated 5 year old. The kid spilled a huge drink on the floor, not once, but twice. Poor Sharlotte ended up resting her feet on a pile of napkins and a popcorn bag. In addition to the usual running commentary "what's that?" "must be somebody" "he's ugly", the kid was a power cruncher, one of those open-mouthed eaters that can turn a single kernel of popcorn into a Mahler-lengthy symphony of noise. Needless to say, crunching sounds right behind me is a big pet peeve. Needless to say, I'm not going to any movies in this area again. Seems like the folks raised in a barn always set up shop near me. Gah! Outside of that, we had a lovely time with the 'Toades.