Borklog: One entry

12 December 2000

Today was Crass Commercialism day. Our two vehicles (Sharlotte's 89 Accord with 87K miles, and my 87 Integra with 147K miles) needed some TCL (er, freudian AOLserver slip. I should say "TLC"). Since we're out in the sticks, the closest dealer is 30 miles away. The Badger (my car) hasn't had a regular dealer checkup in 60,000 miles, so we figured it would be there all day (and we were correct). So we did what every Red Blooded American does, take a shuttle to the local Mall and kill a couple of hours. We did manage to find HanaKwanzaaMas gifts for a number of our family. But the real corker was finding not only a new stuffed badger (picture forthcoming. It'd disgustingly cute), but the store also had a "Badgers!" calendar. In Greensburg PA, no less. I guess Western PA has some kind of Badger fetish too (seeing as how I found a small beanie-badger in the Pittsburgh airport)