Borklog: One entry

31 July 2003

Found on Flutterby, So you want to join the military, a view of the military recruitment process. Having maried a Marine, I loved this part
We [the US Military] have done a lot of market research to determine what it is people such as yourself like and respond to. We've put out commercials specifically designed to appeal to you. Except for the Marines. They're natural experts at selling the sizzle. Hell, they are the sizzle. Even nowadays when I see a Marine in service dress I feel like joining. They've got it, they know it and their commercials rock. Come on, a lone man dressed as a knight defeating kings and queens on a chess board, then raising his sword to the heavens and in a flash of lightning dressed in that uniform doing a salute to an Order Sword while that music's in the background? You can't compete with that. It's gold.