Borklog: One entry

12 July 2003

This week I've been down in Charlotte, NC, where the spousal overunit is going to a needlework retailer's convention. On friday I discovered a local treasure, Johnny Burrito, a great little burrito place. Johnny himself was at the cash register, guiding this newbie through the highly optimized burrito creation process. It looked like a great place to work - everyone behind the counter was smiling and having a fun time. The local press coverage is a lot of fun to read. Their obsession with cleanliness strikes me a little odd (repressed Howard Hughes syndrome?), but it's certainly an effective hook for getting press coverage. And needless to say, the place was spotless. The major bummer is that they're only open M-F, and we're leaving on Sunday. And it looks like this convention will be moving to Ohio somewhere next year. I'm sure I'll be disowned if I ask to come down here next year just for a burrito.