Borklog: One entry

27 January 2003

On Saturday we took the yoof group down to the Pittsburgh Omnimax theater to watch Attack of the Clowns Clones before it left town. It was an odd experience. Back in the 90s I saw Hunt For Red October at the iMax in the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, and that was a great time. The imax screen is mainly just wide. Omnimax (from what I could tell, this being my first time in one) is both wide and tall projected on the inside of a large dome, which gives quite a bit of distortion around the edges. The movie was watchable most of the time (some scenes induced vertigo due to the projection distortion), and there were numerous times that action was happening on the edges of the screen but the middle was pretty blank. On the plus side, Natalie Portman scales pretty well, having a 30 foot tall head, and the CGI was surprisingly good blown up to the extreme the it was. Yoda always of course awesome was he.