Borklog: One entry

11 October 2002

One year ago today I was given the axe from arsDigita. I lingered on for two more months to discharge a client contract they had. A couple of months later the company was folded and sold to the losers at RedHat so that the VC could bury the company and incur a loss on the balance sheets. But that's long gone. Aside from the lack of a steady income, the last year has been pretty neat. I've witnessed the rise of Borkware, written some stuff for MacEdition, attended a class at the BigNerdRanch, and now I'm building a course for them. I'm pretty happy I've been able to maintain friendships with folks from aD and aD clients, sometimes even getting invited to weddings. Do I miss the income? Yes. Do I miss the people from aD? Some. Would I go back to a freaky dot-com like that again? No.