Borklog: One entry

21 September 2002

Whew, glad this week is over. It's been non-stop running around. I didn't get a chance to tell folks about the trip last weekend. The Spousal Overunit & I went to NYC on the train (very civilized way to travel, except for the parts where the train goes backwards. That made me green). On the plus side, I found a power plug on the way back and got in 6 hours of quality Civilization III time. We stayed at chez Vinod, a ritzy hotel in the central lower eastern upper west side of manhatten, had several nice meals out (a pretty good mexican place, and an expensive italian place. But hey, it was our anniversary). Sharlotte went to a Heckelphone convention. (If I never have to explain what a heckelphone is, I'll be happy). I went to a of the OpenACS IRC crew at the Brooklyn Brewery's Beerfest. (Talli came up with that idea). I finally got to meet Talli and *.phylax in person. Lots of pretty good beer, lots of pretty young ladies not wearing underwear. Also some pretty good bbq available (well, at least compared to the abomination that is Ham BBQ that is prevelant in this area. ham+bbq sauce does not equal barbecue goodness.)