Borklog: One entry

18 September 2002

The Story About The Baby, a parent's journal with his newborn. The style strikes me as a cranky Dave Barry, but I imagine it's a more accurate picture of the Newborn Experience.
After Cordelia came out, I went over to where they were cleaning off the gook to get a good look and touch her gently. The nurse said, "Say something to her."
Being about 8 seconds into my first experience with newborns, I said the first thing which came into my mind: "Hello, Cordelia. Welcome to the world. It's not going to get much better." The nurses did not approve.
Every parenting book is 20% actual true stuff based on science (e.g. change its diaper when it pisses itself, don't shake the baby, don't let it play with plastic bags) and 80% completely unsupported axe-grinding on the part of the author (e.g. don't feed your child meat, don't use a pacifier, don't bind feet).