Borklog: One entry

13 September 2002

Billings has a great little opinion piece on september 11.
People are turning it into a hallmark moment. Next year, I expect they'll come out with a Patriot Day greeting card, for $3.19. Buy the 2004 Ford Explorer this Patriot Day at a 1.9 APR! Call your loved one with Sprint PCS! Mourn over lost ones with Kleenex® brand tissues!
I'm having the same kind of problems, like what I have with the "forced happiness" holidays like Valentine's, thanksgiving, christmas, etc, that the General Perception is that there is Something Seriously Wrong With You if you're not happy happy happy. Luckily I don't have a TV hooked up to the "real world", so I've been happy to missed the leadup of obligatory forced display of mourning. I have no problem with individuals doing something to comemerate the day, like Vinoodle describing a vigil he saw wednesday night. I do have a problem with the press whipping us in to a sorrowpatrioticohmygod frenzy for bigger ratings.