Borklog: One entry

25 August 2002

We just got back from a great weekend. Chunks got married this weekend, and we went out to the Chicago suburbs to witness said Hitching. Travelled friday morning, rented a car (which turned out to be a great idea since the transportation promised by the hotel wasn't available on the day of the wedding), got settled, and took a nap. We had to get up at 4 in the morning so we could get to the airport (1:30 away) and go through all the Crap That Is Air Travel these days.

We discovered there was an Apple store in the vicinity that was doing the "open at 10:20 so you can buy Jaguar". We arrived at the Mall around 10:30, and found about 1200 folks ahead of us in line, and the Mall Police started turning folks away around 10:45 or so. Luckily with us in line was Steve and his kid brother. Steve is quite the gregarious individual and entertained us with all sorts of stories while we waited. He's also a former Marine, so he and the Spousal Overunit could swap stories involving nothing but acronyms. By about 2:00 or so we managed to get into the store. man what a nice store! (having never seen one in person before) After wandering around for about 45 minutes, playing with the machines (like the 17" imac. Beautiful machine), we gathered our stuff (Jaguar box, Civ III, some DVD media, and a publishing tool for the S.O.) and waited in line to check out. Turns out the guy ahead of us had gone to the August Big Nerd Ranch with Zman and EvanD. We chatted about stuff for awhile, and I talked up the class I'm doing for them (more details tomorrow). We also talkd Mac nostalgia with the guy behind us wearing the "Bongo's Dream House" t-shirt from the late 80's. Anyone remember the HyperDrive? We finally got to the hotel around 3:30, and slept in.

Saturday was the day of the Chunks-n-SaneSnow hitching. It was a somewhat formal, evening affair. Some of SaneSnow's extended family came over from Korea. The wedding service was bilingual in English and Korean. The minister occasionally tripped over his words (the Happy Couple was almost Husband and Husband, plus the mental image of Them being Prince and Princess gave everyone a chuckle. I couldn't imagine a Chunks wedding without a lot of laughter). During Reception and Dinner, I had a chance to catch up with some aD folks like HughBacca[kahn], TOffer, JSC, McYoon Finally met DocWolf, but we didn't get much of a chance to talk. Bummer.

Chunks had asked me to bring my balloons, so I had my little bag of balloons (well, it can hold about 5-600 balloons). After the dancing commenced, I played with some of the young'uns at the wedding. Maybe about a half-dozen or so kids. I think we went through easily half my stash, and it looked like a clown exploded over everywhere. Hopefully Chunks can get me some pictures once everything's calmed down for them. And then after that we came home on Sunday. Wheeeee.