TJam 01, 2-minute competition

part of Balloon fun : Bork at TJam 01 : Friday
Part of the Friday night open festivities was the "2 minute" contest, where entrants either did a sculpture or a routine in 2 minutes. T was up on stage with a stop watch letting folks know when there time was about up. "Thirty Seconds" became an oft-quoted phrase for the rest of the conference.

There were two broad categories, "Raw" where folks inflated the balloons they needed, and "Inflated" where folks brought up already inflated balloons. There was a styrofoam head (nailed with great ceremony to a bar stool) that folks could use if they needed to interact with someone, or needed something for a hat. She was named Emelia Airhead. There were 44 entrants in total (needless to say, the competition went on for awhile)

There were 7 sub categories under the broad categories: Most Unique, Favorite Style, Best Bit, Best Action Thing, Best Thing to Carry, Best Hat, Best Non-Hat Wearable.

I didn't get pictures of all of the entrants, but here is what I did get.

The Pictures

Here are some pictures in no particular order. If you can identify folks in the pictures (and what routines they did! I didn't keep good notes), please drop me a line.

Norm Barnhart doing his giant animal hat bit. (and an example of why it's bad to wear a big balloon top hat in the front rows. Makes it hard for everyone behind you to see)
Got it right here, first time, every time. The Giant Man-Eating Tasmanian Devil. Wooda wooda wooda.
One of the "Ring Girls" (Denise?) showing who the current act is.
The other "Ring Girl" (Mollie) showing the category.
I like the bolts on the side of his neck.
Yvonne Brogdan, "Yummy" of the WAY-Cool Gang.
Arleenie Beenie, of the WAY-Cool gang, demonstrating that yes she does use the incredibly corny jokes in the WAY-Cool books
Lauren Surprenant showing an alternate kind of balloon weaving. Winner of best non-hat wearable/raw.
Barbara (?) doing her 8 petal flower.
detail of the flower.
Flamingo hat under construction.
Teri Stokes' fancy hat she makes at restaurant gigs.
Which double as fancy wings.
No, Hans didn't make the hat in 2 minutes. He did a magic act using it.
Naboo fighter perhaps?
When Debbie Brow came onstage with a huge pile of balloons (which took awhile to arrange), we were wondering what was going on, (and getting a bit antsy). Then she started her routine which would appeal to just about any star-trek fan out there. She brought the house down and got a standing ovation from the crowd (at least those of us who haven't fallen over from laughing so hard). She won Best Bit/inflated and Favorite Style/inflated Here the Captain is starting her log
We are 260 of Q of the borg.
Keptin', me engins canna take any more of this!
May LaForge be with you.
That sounds illogical.
Elmo on a stick.
Baseball hat, easily done within the 2 minute time limit.
Connie and her hula skirt, winner of Best non-hat wearable/inflated
Another view of the hula skirt.
Stacey Schmude, the Balloon HQ Columnist
Detail of the light sabre.
Bidou's poodle. He won Most Unique/Inflated.
which also doubles as a hat.
Mike Yannes' VW bug done with 350s Winnder of Best Thing To Carry / inflated.
Pasqual, winner of Best Hat / inflated
Sheree doing a card routine.
The Lord of Latex doing Spiderman.
One of the more revolting acts of the evening (yet still hilarious). Here Tim Metiver swallows an inflated balloon.
And here he is making a poodle. You can imagine the rest of the routine. Winner of Most Unique/raw
Chris Jackson, about to construct his rollercoaster hat.
This is Gido who won the large figure competition, as well as getting winning Favorite Style/Raw
Dizzy Doc. Winner of Best Thing to Carry/raw.
Dizzy's butterfly with the spirals in the wings.
Fred Harshberger and his full-body puppet.
Pat in the Hat. Pat's the one who did the balloons in Patch Adams.