Balloon Flowerbaskets

part of Balloons
I've been doing some flower arrangements for friends. What you see here is the third one I've done. Originally we were going to give our friend Deb some balloon flowers for her 39th birthday over new years. A basket was made beforehand since I needed to practice first (the basket was going to be made at a retreat away from home), we gave this practice basket to Bob & Marjie as a cheering up gift after Marjie's sister passed away. Deb got the second basket. Neither of which we took pictures of. Pastor Keefer of First Church underwent minor surgery, so we decided to make him a basket it too. Here are some shots of it.

The basket sitting on our stairs. The basket itself are woven 260s. In it are some 260 daisies, an iris or two, some small 160 flowers, a geo blossom, some heart flowers, a hummingbird (he's hiding), a bee, and a flamingo. (Deb's into flamingos, so we had to put one into her basket. It's a tradition now) I did the flowers and the basket and Sharlotte did the eyes and arranging.
An angel (made out of clear 260s and a gold 260 for a halo) rides along on the basket. It also is a bit of a counter-balance for the content. (and this goes to show how hard it is to photograph clear balloons)

I stuffed some of my "Clown Droppings" (deflated balloons and bits of scrap) into 12" round balloons and used them for weights in the basket to keep it from falling over.